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In 2012, a family at Life Pointe Church in Homestead, FL was adopting a child from Ethiopia. $25,000 was needed for the adoption. The Life Group they attended in the church decided to sell Christmas trees to raise the money. 450 Christmas trees were sold. $25,000 was raised.

Since that first year of BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization called ForHope.Us was founded. We invited churches to join the project with the intent of giving all of the money away to help children in their community as well as across the world in some very difficult places. In partnership with local churches, People for Care and Learning, and Serving Orphans Worldwide, BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. has given away over 2 million dollars to help children.

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engage your community to help children globally and locally

Not only does this project benefit children, but BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE also engages your community and community leaders in a way not possible through typical church events.  The money raised is not money competitive with weekly church offerings. You are not primarily asking people to donate, you are asking your community to change a buying behavior.  Instead of buying a Christmas tree from a big box retailer, people from all over your city will buy a Christmas tree from your church.  Those monies already being spent in your community are now leveraged to help children globally and locally.

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