Now you can help children globally and locally without even going to a BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. site!  You can buy a tree online and we will donate it to a family.  Simply click the link below, choose the site you would like to distribute your tree, and pay for it online!


ONLINE PRICING ONLY (sites have their own pricing based on their local market)

Tabletop          $30

5-6 ft              $40

6-7 ft              $45

7-8 ft              $55

8-9 ft              $75

9-10 ft            $105

10-11 ft          $125

11-12 ft          $155


Gateway BATCAL Family2.jpg
In the event that a tree size is not available the equivalent amount will be used. If an 11-12 foot tree is donated and is not available, three 7-8 foot trees will be donated in its place.